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Brilliant Bowmaker System - Ultimate Kit

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FREE 10 yards of 1.5" and 7/8" practice ribbon with every kit while quantities last!

The Brilliant Bowmaker System lets you make bows easier, faster, and more beautifully perfect!  Your learning curve goes from months to minutes! Make bows for your boutique, daughter, friends, gifts, curtain tiebacks, floral arrangements, scrapbooking, greeting cards or anywhere that could benefit from a Brilliant Bow!  In minutes you can learn to be a Brilliant Bowmaker!

The ULTIMATE kit includes all three template kits:


Classic Bows are very tailored bows, and lay flat to the head. They are very durable, hold their shape well and are great for attaching to clothing. This stylish bow is great for beginners to start with, and the templates make it easy for experienced bowmakers to work faster and more consistently. Several options for each step in the bow making process make it easy for any level of crafter to excel. Mixing up the 7 different, detailed techniques will keep this classic bow eye catching and refreshing.

Kit includes 7 plastic templates in Infant, Small, M, L, XL, 5", 6", and 7" sizes (makes bows 1.25" through 7"), spiral bound instruction and idea manual, bow stapler (optional assembly method) and refills.


The Snap Templates describe themselves! You can make beautiful twisted boutique bows in a snap. These poufy dimensional bows will stay new and stylish with over 10 different folding techniques to mix up your project. With no need to measure, you can use the size guide to wrap your ribbon and snap it into the template. Your loops are even and the angles are perfect. Variations include beautiful ribbon sculptures like flowers, snowflakes and butterflies. The Snap Templates offer different options for each step of the bow making process which will also allow crafters to choose their method of work.

Kit includes templates for 3/8", 5/8", 7/8", 1.5", and 2.25" ribbon, Nine dimension Size Guide and Spiral bound instruction and idea book.


Surround loops are named for their curvy loops that will surround a smaller bow layered on top of it. Perfect for stacking, these versatile loops will enhance any Classic or Twisted boutique bow that it is paired with, giving dimension and eye catching flair. Surround Loops also work beautifully on their own, producing beautiful blooms like posies, sunflowers and poinsettias, and are also useful for making spirit pin medallions, and reusable gift bows.

Kit includes 5 sizes of surround loop templates and spiral bound instruction and idea manual.


The kit includes the durable, patented Brilliant Bowmaker templates, instructional books, and more!

The included books cover 7 techniques including the Basic fold, Stacking, Layering, Criss cross, Long tails, Cheer bows, Stacked with twists and Stacked with tags.

It also covers supplies, tools, hardware, cutting and sealing ribbon and more, and comes with a great chart for choosing the size bow, ribbon width and template to use.

These templates are all about giving you choices. For each step YOU can choose the method you want to use, so you can craft the way you are comfortable working.


  • Fold your ribbon with one of the techniques
  • Secure by sewing, stapling, melting or gluing
  • Crease by sewing, folding or tying with thread, elastic, wire or ribbon
  • Finish with a knot, flat wrap or embellishment

It's that easy!






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