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Tulle fabric is a fine lightweight netting. It can be made of various fibres, including silk, rayon and most commonly nylon. Tulle is often used for wedding veils, wedding gowns, and tutus. Tulle fabric comes in a wide array of colors and it can also easily be dyed to match. It is readily available from most fabric stores, online discounters and through specialty stores.

One of the most common uses for tulle fabric is in garments. Tulle fabric can be used as an accent, to create a lacy, floating look. Tulle fabric may also be used in underskirts or petticoats when starched to create a stiff belled shape. Wedding gowns are often puffed out with layers of stiff tulle. Tulle fabric is also used to make veils, since it obscures the features of the face while allowing the wearer to see out.

It is important when using tulle fabric for clothing to ensure the tulle fabric is tested and certified for use in clothing. Most imported tulle fabric does not get tested nor does it meet the certification guidelines. Canada Tulle sells only North American tested and certified nylon tulle fabric. Our tulle fabric is suitable for children's clothing and costumes.

There are other applications for tulle fabric. Finely woven tulle fabric netting is excellent for insect control, for example. The tulle fabric can be stretched over potentially vulnerable plants to keep insects out. Tulle fabric can also be used to create an insect tent over a bed to protect sleepers. Starching the tulle fabric helps the tulle netting from collapsing, and the holes allow air to freely circulate through the material.

Wedding decorations and decorative ornaments can also be made from tulle fabric. Tulle fabric is frequently used to wrap up party favors and gifts, especially for weddings and baby showers. Scraps of tulle fabric can sometimes be used to add texture in quilting and crafts. Multicolored tulle fabric is often used to create tulle flowers and other ornamental accents.

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