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What is Tulle?

About Tulle Fabric

Tulle fabric is a delicate, lightweight net fabric, made from nylon, polyester, rayon, silk, and sometimes cotton, which is often starched to add structure.  It is either a form of bobbinet or tricot, special types of knit weaves that hold their shape extremely well.

Tulle takes its name from the city of Tulle, France. Although similar fabrics had been around for a while, it started to become popular after the process was perfected by these fine French folks in the early 1700s. The French began to refine this traditional netting by knitting the fabric with hexagonal meshes, similar to a honeycomb.

The fabric was popular for clothing, but would not be associated with weddings until 1840, when Queen Victoria wore a candid tulle wedding gown and ever since the fabric has been synonymous with wedding attire.

Over time, tulle fabric made appearances in other fashion trends, including the veiled hat and ballet tutus of the late 19th century.  By the early 1900s, it was being used for curtains, lingerie, and to decorate evening gowns.  Combing organdy, chiffon and tulle was a true delight for high fashion.

Meanwhile, for weddings, tulle was expanding from the wedding dress to the bouquet, bombonières, wedding favours, decorations, and more.  And months after the wedding, tulle became popular to adorn their doors with tulle bows to announce the arrival of a baby. 

As tulle became more popular, the fabric also gained many new dyed colours and became a mysterious and vibrant part of mardigras celebrations.  The coloured tulle also became a great way to add colour to baskets of chocolate eggs for Easter.

Today tulle is made in a variety of materials, although nylon is the most common.  The white, ivory and red tulle colours have expanded into dozens of vibrant colours, and limitless dye possibilities.   The uses for tulle have also become limitless!  The fabric commonly used for decoration and apparel is also used as a backing for wigs, for bed linen trim, for bug and mosquito netting, fish bait holders, parachute edging and more.  This versatile fabric is limited only by imagination.

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