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Important Information for our Valued American Customers!
WE ARE AN EXCEPTIONAL VALUE!  We compared our prices and shipping to a large online seller of wrapping supplies that also sells North American tulle fabric. On a modest order of 4x 100 yard 6" spools, 2 25 yard 6" spools, and 2 glimmer spools, including the slightly higher shipping charge from Canada our total was $2 less.

Larger orders benefit even more!  While they offer "FLAT RATE" $15.00 shipping for orders over $300.00, our lower product prices more than cover the shipping.  Plus, we don't charge any 'handling fees'. 

Look at the exceptional value of our 100 Yard Tulle spools, and our GLIMMER tulle can't be beat. 

We COULD inflate our prices to subsidize shipping, but WHY?  Fantastic product pricing, fair shipping rates, amazing customer service and the finest tulle available in the world.

Discover why Canada Tulle is quickly becoming the premier distributor of fine tulle and crafting supplies across North America!

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Avery, Stacey, and the whole Canada Tulle team!

(Please note: Orders over $200 may be subject to taxes or duties when entering the USA by courier or postal service.  Orders under $200 are free of any customs charges. It is your responsibility to ensure clearance of your order.)



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