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Canada Tulle is Canada's premier discount wholesale tulle supplier. We ship our nylon tulle from just outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada and utilize Canada Post Expedited Parcel and FedEx Ground for fast, affordable delivery. Our wholesale tulle is apparel-grade and is tested to comply with USA and Canada apparel regulations regarding children's clothing, decor, and crafts. 

Wholesale tulle from Canada Tulle is non-toxic, contains no lead, and it flame resistant. Perfect for tutus, this fabric is light and airy, yet completely safe to use to make clothing for your princess.  

For more information about the standards for children's clothing and fire resistance:

For discount tulle inquiries, explore our Canada Tulle web store to purchase online. If you have wholesale tulle requirements ($2000+ per order), please contact us by email or phone: sales@canadatulle.com or 1-888-398-TULLE

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