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Why is the pattern on my polyester flower not perfect?


The flower pattern is printed on millions of polyester sheets, then stamp-cut to the desired pattern.  Millions of pieces of each layer are cut from the sheets, then assembled by hand in the factory.

It would be impossible to catch every printing defect, as they shapes are cut immediately after printing without human intervention.  Workers DO watch for significant defects as they assemble the flowers, however, but slight variations are easy to miss.

The same is true for overlapping cuts or frayed edges on a petal.  The workers cannot examine every petal on every flower without the cost of flowers going up 6-7 times their current cost.

In addition, as the layer pieces are sorted, it is very possible that layers will come from different print lots, which may create slight variations in colour or pattern, even within the same flower.

We pack our flowers by hand and watch for major defects.  We frequently have sales for our "almost perfect" flowers which will have many hundreds of dozens of flowers that we didn't think were up to our standards.  The ones that are shipped typically well within the accepted standards, however we encourage you to contact us should a 'bad flower' slip by.

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