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Can you price match XXX.com?


Price does not equal value.

We started Canada Tulle to fill a need for a high quality, apparel-grade, safe, flame resistant tulle fabric.  We scoured the world for suppliers, and sampled all imaginable styles and grades of tulle before sourcing the factories we currently use.  We work very closely with the factory management, their engineering teams and labs to ensure the product meets our own specifications.

We have invested significant resources formulating new colours (such as school bus yellow, neon pink, ocean blue) and creating a manufacturing process for flame retardant printed tulle (the first in the industry).

Tulle is our business.  We sell related items such as ribbon, headbands, flowers, etc but our primary business is tulle fabric.  We know what you need, why you need it and how you use it.

In order to provide you with the quality fabric, colour selection, and designs that you need for your business, wedding, or decorating use, we have had to select the highest quality yarns and production processes which unfortunately have a higher cost than buying standard production craft material from China.

We are a small company.  We sell a ton of tulle, but we do so from a reasonable warehouse, with a small staff (Stacey and Crystal #1 working full time, Myself and Crystal #2 working part time) in order to keep costs low.  We also keep our margins low as we want to ensure everyone has access to fine quality tulle.

Occasionally we will have a surplus of certain products, or we have a large shipment on the way and need to make some room.  In these cases, we may offer some discounts by way of sale prices or coupon codes -- but overall, we have set our pricing to be competitive in the marketplace and an exceptional value.

I guarantee we will never be able to compete on price with Chinese tulle.  In fact, we had considered selling the same imported craft tulle that is sold by the big chains and the cheap gift wrap sites in the USA.  Frankly, we could sell the product for less than they do, and make higher margins than we do today...  But we couldn't ever in good conscience sell it. 

We have used the fabric ourselves, for tutus, decorating, wrapping, costumes and clothing.  We know the difference between our fabric and the import fabric, and we know that when we compare the quality, safety and selection that we offer, our value is far greater.


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