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Why is my roll of tulle 'fuzzy' or 'hairy'?


These are affectionately known as "troll dolls", named after the 80's troll figurines with the tall pointy hair.  This sometimes occurs as a result of cutting blades losing their sharpness or rollers coming out of balance.  For a roll to be a 'troll doll', the fabric itself will be a consistent width, but will have 'hair' at the edge.

This takes seconds to correct -- when our packaging had open sides, we used to trim it prior to shipping, but with our shrink-wrapping it is impossible to tell until the roll is opened.

The process is simple:  BEFORE unrolling the tulle, take a sharp pair of fabric scissors, hold the roll tight, and trim right across the top of the fuzzy part of the tulle to even out the edge. 

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