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Terms And Conditions:

We're not big on legal mumbo-jumbo, but unfortunately as time goes on, we realize that a few 'bad apples' force legal guidance upon all of us, so we need to cover a few things...

By using this website (http://www.canadatulle.com, http://www.tullestore.com, http://canadaribbon.com, http://buyribbon.ca, or related properties) you agree to the following conditions:

Product Origins and Testing

  • As a manufacturer/distributor of unfinished goods (ie. fabric, parts), our products are not required to be certified or tested to meet safety guidelines. It is your responsibility to certify the final product. Safety standards only apply to the finished product. However, it is our belief that only by starting with safe products can we ensure the safety of the finished product.
  • Our tulle fabric is made with care in North America and is tested regularly to meet guidelines surrounding apparel fabric, however if you have a requirement for a specific certification, please let us know.  We can arrange for any level of testing and certification and can advise of such costs as required. The CPSIA does not require certification of Nylon Tulle fabric made within NAFTA countries.
  • Our veiling is manufactured in Taiwan by one of the oldest and last remaining veil mills to the highest possible standards.  The CPSIA does not require our veiling to be certified, however it is tested regularly by our factory.
  • Our no-roll elastic is made in the USA to apparel standards.
  • We take great pride in our partner manufacturers and their quality.  If you require testing certificates, please contact us prior to ordering. 

Shipping Standards

  • The shipping estimates provided are real-time quotes direct from each carrier and represent the only shipping options available for you.
  • We ship only by registered courier and provide delivery confirmation via the postal or courier service.  You accept that per normal postal delivery standards, your parcel may be dropped off without signature, or at a neighboring business or home.  This will be consistent with your current delivery arrangements and you are responsible for the parcel once the postal service or courier acknowledges delivery.  If you require signature on delivery service, please contact us prior to ordering.
  • If everything is in-stock, our goal is to pack your order by the following shipping day to be picked up the day after. Depending on shipping pick-up times, your order should be in transit within 3 shipping days of ordering. While we realize your order is important to you, we cannot accomodate expedite requests.
  • For insurance reasons, we cannot offer a pick-up option.

Delivery Problems / Address Changes / Returned Packages

  • You are responsible for verifying the shipping address and telephone number on check-out. 
  • If a package is shipped to the address specified on the order and the address is incorrect, the following options may occur at the carrier's discretion:
    • Last-minute name or address change with carrier after shipping may result in a sur-charge which must be paid to Canada Tulle Ltd. in order to release the package.  If this fee is not paid, future orders may be suspended and/or the package may be returned to us at your expense.
    • Package returned to Canada Tulle Ltd by carrier due to incorrect address will result in the refund of PRODUCT CHARGES ONLY, minus the cost of return shipping.  Original shipping charges will also not be refunded.  It can be expected that return shipping costs are the same as original shipping costs.  In the event that the combined cost of shipping and return shipping exceed the value of the product, you are responsible for additional charges and may be restricted from placing further orders until the balance is cleared.

Colours, Put-ups, Quality Assurance

  • We do our best to show the colours of the product on the website, however, computer monitors, cameras, lighting, etc are known to show colour differently.  Additionally, the nature of colour dyes is such that batches may not be identical.  Although we make every effort to ensure that our colours are consistent between batches, we cannot guarantee it. If you are unsure of a colour, contact us to discuss and compare.
  • We try to ensure that tulle, ribbon and elastic spools contain continuous material, however it is possible that some spools may be split due to manufacturing process.  This is an accepted practice in the fabric industry, and although we do our best to avoid it, the wastage it would cause to guarantee there are no splices would more than double the cost of all of our products.
  • Some of our products are cut by hand or machine, re-rolled to specific sizes, etc. Most of this process is automated, or machine-assisted. Although our machines and aids are calibrated to meet the sizes listed on the website, different factors including humidity, thickness of source material, tension, etc can cause slight variations from these measurements. This includes, but is not limited to, width, length, and stretch of our tulle, netting, ribbon, elastic and headbands. If a significant problem is found in your product please let us know right away, however minor variances should be expected.
  • We maintain a 99.9% or greater quality level, however any fabric mesh or netting has a risk of pulls or abnormal holes. Minor abnormalities, while uncommon, may happen. If a spool has significant problems, we will be happy to exchange it.  Cost of return shipping is your responsibility. However, feel free to contact us and we can try to work out a suitable arrangement on a future order to minimize this shipping cost.  You may be required to provide pictures or a sample of the defect to us to process a claim - Do not throw out the defective product until you are satisfied with the resolution!

Jurisdiction and Complaint Resolution

  • In the unlikely event that things get way out of hand and those legal types get involved, you agree that any proceedings, notification, or other legal process will take place in Peterborough Ontario Canada and everything we do will be governed by the laws of Canada and the province of Ontario.

We maintain an abnormally high customer satisfaction and repeat order rate for a reason -- we will do what it takes to make you happy.  If you have any concerns at any time, please give us a call directly at 1-888-398-8855 or email us at sales@canadatulle.com

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