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Triple Flip Grips! Clear No-Slip Grips for Alligator Clips

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These are premium self adhesive, perfectly pre-cut silicone grip strips for clips! Not only is this grip effective, it is safe! These grips are CPSIA and Canadian standards certified.

  • Silicone is the perfect non-slip product, it does not flatten, crack or peel like the foam or shelf liner options.
  • The grip-ability factor is superior to foam.
  • Once a clip lined with Triple Flip Grip is clipped into the hair, it will stay put. Period.
  • Foam grip will wear out, flatten, lose its shape & become ineffective.
  • Silicone will work effectively for the life of the clip.

Simply remove the protective cover on the top then PEEL – STICK – GRIP!
You can reposition it before applying pressure to permanently secure it to your surface. Permanent 3M adhesive holds the grip strip in place.


1.Remove Protective film
2.Peel strip from backing
3.Line up on clip
4.Apply pressure

You are set with the best grip on the market!

*Note: Package contains 100 pre-cut no-slip grips for alligator clips. Slip grip is pictured as it may be installed on a hair clip.  Clips are not included.
1" x 1/4" (25.4mm x 6.35mm)

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