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Why is the tulle not exactly the same colour as the website or my last order?


We sell a LOT of tulle and ribbon.  Over the period of the month we may go through multiple dye lots of various colours, and although we do our best to ensure that every dye lot is the same, slight variations in any dye are possible.

We do our best to track our dye lots so that orders with multiple rolls will receive the same dye lot in an order, but we cannot guarantee an exact match from order to order.  Naturally, if you ordered red and the tulle is green, there is a significant problem and we need to fix it :)

When we photograph our tulle products for the website, our lighting, camera settings, etc may not match the light that you see the tulle under at home.  In addition, lighting can affect how pictures look on your computer, different monitors will have different colour balance, etc.  Although we test our images on multiple computer screens, it is impossible to make it look perfect for everyone.

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