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Why don't you sell XXX Colour?


We have the largest selection of stock colours in the world for tulle fabric.  We continue to innovate and add new colours to our collection as we see increased demand.

School Bus Yellow, Neon Pink, Ocean Blue are exclusive colours, and we are in the process of producing two additional colours as I type this.

However, If you have a specific need for a colour we do not carry, we have dye-to-match capabilities. The minimum order quantity is 3000 yards at 54" width, rolled and cut to order.   There is no additional cost to dye the fabric as long as the MOQ is met.  Your custom dye lot will be exclusive to you.  Turn around time is generally about 2 months.

If you suggest a colour and provide a swatch that we think would be a good selling colour, we may be interested in splitting the initial dye lot with you.   Your commitment would be 1000 yards at 54" width, cut and spooled to order.
(Again, this is only if we think it will be a good addition to our regular inventory.)

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